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Natural News Reports on Chemtrails

Saturday, June 05, 2010 by: Paul Fassa, citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) There is one source of toxins and heavy metals that is virtually ignored by most health conscious people focusing on existing food, drug, and environmental toxins. Yet it exists as the unnoticed elephant in the room. It appears very often in most skies throughout the western world. Those who dare document their existence call them chemtrails.

Contrails or Chemtrails?

The difference is obvious to the naked eye. Contrails appear only at high altitudes, are thinner or more narrow than chemtrails, and dissipate very quickly. They are never longer than a few aircraft lengths, and they don’t linger at all. Contrails are nothing more than exhaust vapors that have crystallized in the upper altitude’s cold air, and those small ice crystals melt or evaporate quickly.

Chemtrails are much wider and thicker. They are long enough to cover the sky from horizon to horizon. As they linger, they get even wider, and they tend to drift toward the ground or space out into artificially created cloud patterns. What separates these patterns from contrails further is that they are not normal aircraft traffic patterns.

These differences are not from atmospheric conditions. You can see chemtrails and contrails in the same sky at the same time.

Chemtrails have been observed and photographed with tic-tac-toe patterns or huge Xs in the sky. Aircraft are often seen making U-turns to spray another trail. And unlike contrails, they can be shut off and on again.

The Toxins

Analyzed residues from chemtrails always show high levels of barium, aluminum oxide, strontium, and titanium, all heavy metals that we breathe in every time they spray. If they are apparently sprayed from or close to the engines, then traces of an extremely toxic banned jet fuel element, EDB or dibromoethane, are found in collected specimens.

These are in small enough particulate forms to breath in and contaminate soils and waters. Barium salts have been aerosol sprayed as chemical warfare agents. Barium can be more toxic than lead. Chronic aluminum exposure can cause all sorts of neurological damage and dementia. EDB is a carcinogenic nerve gas agent that causes severe neurological damage.

Even if you are not feeling immediate effects from these toxins, your immune system is compromised by constantly fighting them off. One needs be almost constantly detoxing!

How Come?

The exact hows and whys are unknown. That’s due to information being mostly squelched, ignored or marginalized by the mainstream media, and by government agencies at all levels. It’s like a vaccine injury cover up deja vu.

Recently, the City Council of the remote and pristine Mt. Shasta, California, dismissed factual reports of wildlife dieing off from these very toxins gathered from streams, rivers, and mountain top snow. The local paper made the chemtrail activists look like conspiracy kooks.

A retired conservative couple in rural Canada became concerned with the chemtrail activity over their homestead a few years ago. They took their years of acquired information, including photos and specimens, to a regional health agency, and they were dismissed as cranks.

When occasionally cornered with a large public outcry, the higher level agencies claim that chemtrails are part of a military exercise for radar jamming using metal particulates, or that they are geoengineering with aerosol sprayed metal particulates to create an atmospheric shield for global warming prevention.

So ultimately they’re not denying the existence of chemtrails. They are leaving that denial up to all those who won’t look up or even accept their existence as other than contrails when it’s directly pointed out to them in the sky. See for yourself.

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From our friends at www.geoengineeringwatch.org

Geo-Engineering (Geoengineering”>Wikipedia def) is the artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems.

Geo-Engineering projects range from DECLASSIFIED experimentation (like iron particles being dumped into the oceans to attract algae, which sequesters carbon and, theoretically, slows global warming) to HIGHLY CLASSIFIED experimentation like AEROSOL SPRAYING (chemical spraying). The two most quickly advancing Geo-Engineering philosophies are carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and solar radiation management (SRM). Geo-Engineering also includes EMF/Atomspheric Heaters, like HAARP.

This website DOES NOT track the movements of citizen based geo-engineering projects, like living roofs, tree planting etc. Our focus is the industrial scaled programs both private and government born, that have the potential AND LIKELIHOOD TO DEVASTATE OUR PLANET. Current Geo-Engineering News (and related)is in the left blue column. Aging news posts then go to the articles page. Older news (up to 20 years)and some scientific research is here. This is a very good article at bringing one “up to speed”

Whether you believe in global warming, OR NOT, geoengineering is a threat to you. If you don’t think big brother is going to artificially and chemically modify the planet, just read the mainstream news releases on the left, in the blue column, and you probably want to know just WHO is making the decisions to do it. Furthermore, leading scientists admit they don’t really know if their “options” will reduce risks (bbc clip from interview with Ken Caldeira-leading geoengineer). (Read more at http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/environment/humans/chemtrails/news.php?q=1267901894 ).

Worldwidehippies Chemtrail Article

My research and discovery of “Chemtrails”
by Russ Tanner  of http://www.worldwidehippies.com

It all began on a single day in 2005. After years of blissful health, I began to have sudden episodes of burning sinuses, headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, intense fatigue, inability to concentrate, and looping thoughts; plus, there was a salty-metallic taste in the air. These symptoms would occur suddenly and then slowly dissipate over a few hours. Strangely, there was a pattern to the timing of these episodes; they were on a schedule and even took weekends off.

So began my research and discovery of “Chemtrails”.

Just a few minutes of research revealed that numerous people around the world were experiencing the same health “episodes” that I was, and the strangest part was this: they associated their episodes with the appearance of large “jet-trails” in the sky.

My Introduction To Chemtrails

Being the science geek that I am, I have always been a skywatcher. Growing up north of Tampa, where MacDill Air Force Base is located, it was not rare to hear the scream of fighter jets overhead. During racketball, my friends would wait patiently while I stopped the game to steal a gaze.

Being one of the busiest airspaces in the world, I was always watching the sky, and one thing was certain: I had never seen a trail come out of a jet except at airshows where trails are intentionally created to help you follow the action. I’d lived on military bases, driven across the U.S. several times, flown many times, always watching the sky, and had never seen a trail come out of a jet, with one exception.

This exception occurred on a trip to El Capitan (in Yosemite National Park) in 2003. I stayed long after dark to get some dramatic long exposures of the moon and Mars illuminating the massive rock. I remember being frustrated that the natural beauty of the scene was masked by huge jet trails in the sky. That night, I began a 3-day battle with stubborn flu-like symptoms.

The Discovery

I moved to Jamestown, New York in 2003 and had a beautiful view of the sky from my home-office window. This friendly town had no airport to support large commercial jets, yet, one day in 2005, large low-flying, slow-flying jets appeared each weekday saturating the sky with trails for 3 hours. Then, as suddenly as they appeared, the jets flew away. They looked like Boeing 747s and 767s from the bottom, large passenger jets, but they were plain silver with no visible markings on them.

Now that I was paying attention, I quickly discovered that my health episodes, including the salty-metallic taste in the air, occurred about 30 minutes after spraying began, each time, every time, no exceptions.

Knowledge is Power

to read more visit the original article at http://www.worldwidehippies.com/?p=8921