A Blog to Promote Awareness of Geoengineering, Chemtrails, and Your Health and Freedom.

From our friends at www.geoengineeringwatch.org

Geo-Engineering (Geoengineering”>Wikipedia def) is the artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems.

Geo-Engineering projects range from DECLASSIFIED experimentation (like iron particles being dumped into the oceans to attract algae, which sequesters carbon and, theoretically, slows global warming) to HIGHLY CLASSIFIED experimentation like AEROSOL SPRAYING (chemical spraying). The two most quickly advancing Geo-Engineering philosophies are carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and solar radiation management (SRM). Geo-Engineering also includes EMF/Atomspheric Heaters, like HAARP.

This website DOES NOT track the movements of citizen based geo-engineering projects, like living roofs, tree planting etc. Our focus is the industrial scaled programs both private and government born, that have the potential AND LIKELIHOOD TO DEVASTATE OUR PLANET. Current Geo-Engineering News (and related)is in the left blue column. Aging news posts then go to the articles page. Older news (up to 20 years)and some scientific research is here. This is a very good article at bringing one “up to speed”

Whether you believe in global warming, OR NOT, geoengineering is a threat to you. If you don’t think big brother is going to artificially and chemically modify the planet, just read the mainstream news releases on the left, in the blue column, and you probably want to know just WHO is making the decisions to do it. Furthermore, leading scientists admit they don’t really know if their “options” will reduce risks (bbc clip from interview with Ken Caldeira-leading geoengineer). (Read more at http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/environment/humans/chemtrails/news.php?q=1267901894 ).


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